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Access book notes, research, and interesting madness I've found while white rabbit hole-ing online.

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Circus of Dark and Light Cover

The "Not Books"

Because we all can't live in my story world 24/7. These are my off the cuff thoughts and conversations.

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A Day in the Life of a Writer

Alarm goes off at 4:35am. Hit dismiss. Check email. Return to sleep. Backup alarm goes…

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Yarn Tangle via Flickr

Writer Unboxed Un-Conference, Day 2

Day 1¬†and 2 of the¬†Writer Unboxed Un-Conference are in the bag. Today's brand of awesome…

Writer Unboxed Unconference

Writer Unboxed Un-Conference, Day 1

There are times and seasons when you just know you're on the edge of something…

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Dede Nesbitt, Author


Dede Nesbitt is a writer of urban fantasy/ fantasy, and sci-fi who is currently writing book 2 of her trilogy, Circus of Dark and Light.

When not cheering for the villain, you can find her enjoying a sci-fi movie marathon, a decaf coffee, or indulging her wanderlust. She believes there's nothing thickly iced cake slices, studded boots, and lace shorts can't fix.