Why Behind My What of Writing

I haven’t written to you in more than a month. I haven’t written on the adventures of the Salvador Family Circus in more than 3 weeks. Summer vacation is an easy fallback excuse for letting my commitments wane. But that’s not my excuse. Simply put, I lost the why to my vision. The why to my what had slipped from my ever loosening grip.

Why Behind the What - dedenesbitt.com

Robert Stadler’s question mark installation in Paris by Domink, via Flickr

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What’s on My Inspiration Board? #1

I started out in college as a classical music performance major. I eventually got my degree in accounting and finance. Though I ended up being a writer, music and visual arts are my roots.

When I’m writing, images and music help transport me to the story world I’ve imagined in my mind. Through pictures, I feel as though I’m standing in the midst of a particular scene.

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The Big Red Pen of Life and Art

Ever had one of those days, or weeks, when it felt like life was marking everything with its big red pen? Those days when your coffee was too weak, your phone battery wouldn’t hold a charge, and your car needed gas. I’m in the midst of one of those.


Last week I did something pretty scary. I released the first 3, mostly edited, chapters of my current work in progress, Circus of Dark and Light. I’m still reeling from the impact of such a simple act.

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Free Chapters: Circus of Dark and Light

Announcing the FREE release of the first 3 chapters of my fiction story, Circus of Dark and Light. Keep reading below for a sample and details on how you can get your copy.

Circus of Dark and Light 3D Cover

Since it’s implosion, we no longer revolve around the sun. Everything changed – grass is white, animals have taken on the deeper colors of the spectrum.

Our planet is now divided into 17 quadrants. Each having its own basic government system run by outlaws masquerading as politicians.

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