31 Day Challenge: Day 1

Look at that WIP vision board!

So you know those times when an absolutely ludicrous idea pops in your brain and for a moment you actually consider following through with said ludicrous idea?

Welp, consider this me following through with today’s terrifying idea – a 31 day story challenge.

Yea, yea, but this isn’t like the other 31 day challenges floating around. As an INFJ, type 4, recovering perfectionist, this is a major move for me.

I’m sharing bits and pieces of my WIP (work in progress). In other words – you get to hear about the manuscript I’ve been plugging away at for the last few years. The manuscript that was written in less than 90 days… but because of perfectionist tendencies (I didn’t catch until recently) has taken me YEARS to edit.

For real though — who in their right mind willingly agrees to a 31 day challenge centering on their 400 page YA fantasy with black female protagonist and diverse characters set in a futuristic world that feels very deep south southern gothic, lovingly nicknamed the “I refuse to drag you into 2019 without getting you queried and into the hands of agents” manuscript?

Me. I’ve agreed to this 31 day challenge.
Why? Because that thing that’s larger than all of us, larger than all outdoors and time and space and the beginning and end challenged me. You can call it whatever you’d like – source, light self, heart. For me, I call it God.

And let’s be real – I don’t want to do this. I legit got this idea at 10:00am and here we are at 11:00pm and I’m just now allowing myself to say yes.
It’s one of the things I’m overcoming – saying no based off fear alone. “Tell me about your story” are words that leave me wide eyed, slack jawed, and drooling just a wee bit as my brain misfires and tries to comprehend words.

I can’t tell you about my story. But oh my GOSH – if you read it? Pssssshhhhh. You’d be all about it. So where do I even begin? There’s this crazy amazing girl and her business man father. He owns the last functioning train in the known systems. Her family are performers and charlatans scratching together a meager existence while barely surviving between shows. Oh! Did I forget to mention her family are circus folk — and her daddy, the business man who can sniff out a lie a mile away, is the only one that’s actually blood. The family is down on their luck and without silvers, just as Wintering comes blowing in over the mountains, bringing cold death with it.

Seee?!?!? I’m so in love with this story. Even after all these years of editing. It still feels like those first few days, when my fingers couldn’t type fast enough to contain all the scenes running through my mind.

Welcome to my 31 day challenge. You peep that gorgeous brown woman in the center of the page? Day 1. Done.