31 Day Challenge: Day 2

What: Day 2 of my own personal 31 day challenge based off CODAL (acronym), my 400 page YA fantasy with black female protagonist and diverse characters set in a futuristic world that feels very deep south southern gothic. (I’ll repeat this until I no longer feel anxious saying it).

Why: Because God challenged me. Even though I’d just as soon pitch a tantrum and crawl back into my INFJ hole while listening to Sleeping at Last, I’m doing the dang thing.

Today’s reflection: I love this story. Also, I HATE sharing openly about this story. I legit fear someone will take this crazy idea I have and run with it and their book will release before mine and then… and then… “I’m sorry. We already have something like that” will be the only words I hear from agents and publishers. I’m being dead serious. Either way – here we go.

Meet S__ S________

Day 2 – Meet S.S.
Full name S ____ S_________.
16 winters old, fierce as she is loyal, daily she’s consumed with keeping her mishmash of a family, the performers, workmen, craftsmen, and Pie Car ladies, this side of the living. Not an easy task when the quadrant you call home is destitute and by design the dying outnumber the living. Even still, S.S. is no stranger to life and death — the two pass through her hands faster than bets down at the moto-trike races.

A keen nose and able to fix any mechanical mishap on her father’s train, S.S. is just now learning the art of bartering — it’s all one can do to keep the family fed and clothed when silvers are scarce and death is calling to her at every turn.

Not one for niceties, small talk, or being looked down on due to her station in life and branding on her shoulder, S.S. is about one thing — her business… well actually it’s her father’s business, but it’s her inheritance and one day she’ll own it all. But not until her personhood status is wholly her own. Until then she’ll do almost anything to ensure her father’s health and survival. Even if that means abandoning the dirt patch she calls home and making a deal with death itself.