31 Day Challenge: Day 3

What: Day 3 of 31 showcasing CODAL (acronym), my 400 page YA fantasy with black female protagonist and diverse characters set in a futuristic world that feels very deep south southern gothic. As promised, I’m going to keep repeating this ‘what’ until my veil of insecurity lifts

Why: I met up with a friend last night and she asked the same thing. Why am I doing this? Honestly? I don’t want to miss whatever is heading my way. I don’t want to look back on this moment with regret, with would’ve/ should’ve/ could’ve. I don’t know why God (or whatever name you call it) has me doing this. I just know that eventually I have to be more loyal to my dreams than I am my fears.

Today’s reflection: Day 3 and I still feel sick to my stomach. I’m allowing myself 15 minutes to jot down the day’s entry. Any more time and the dark pit of perfectionism will ensnare me and I’ll never get ANYTHING posted.

Day 3 – Setting: Q4
Q4 came to me alive and well when CODAL first entered my mind. Smoke coats the air and stains the horizon. It’s filthy, smells of rotting flesh and rich soil, and has a two inch layer of dirt coating everything. The seasonal dust storms don’t help, neither does the backbreaking lack that’s rampant through the land. Home to charlatans, thieves, and anyone else looking to escape the far reaching hand of the Q9 counsel, it’s still a place to rest your weary bones after working the fields day in and out. Silvers and first rate goods are impossible to come by, so you best be up on your bartering skills… or at the very least be quick with your thieving hands.

Bordered by the burned out wasteland of Q5, and the enslaved artisans of Q3, Q4 is a near paradise – if paradise means you best sleep in front of your wood burning oven in hopes of surviving the night. And a reminder — in Q4 it’s best to keep your head down and not ask many questions. Just because a body smiles your way doesn’t mean their intentions towards you are upright. The best cons are those you wouldn’t expect. And remember – in Q4 you’re worth more dead than you are alive, so best watch your step. Like the old folk say, if the dirt don’t kill you…