31 Day Challenge: Day 6

What: Day 6 of my own personal 31 day challenge based off CODAL (acronym), my 400 page YA fantasy with black female protagonist and diverse characters set in a futuristic world that feels very deep south southern gothic. (I’ll repeat this until I no longer feel anxious saying it). #CODAL31DayChallenge

Why: I want to see what happens if I don’t give up — on my writing, on myself, on my manuscript and the trilogy it’s apart of.

Today’s reflection: Tired. It’s Day 6 and I’m legit tired. I’m overcoming this terrible habit of taking right now feelings and superimposing them on the future — assuming how right now feels will be how tomorrow will feel as well. I’m reprogramming my thoughts and patterns. The same fire that started me writing (and on this challenge), still burns within me today. I just have to remember that.

The Incomparable Mr. Gil

Day 6 – Meet Gil S________
Known as Mr. Gil or Bossman to those in his employ, and dad to his beloved daughter, S__. With an eye for detail, a nose able to sniff out any untruth, Mr. Gil is one of the shrewdest businessmen in all the lower quadrants, where bartering is king. And good thing, seeing as caring for 50 train cars, countless performers and animals, workmen, and staff isn’t a job for those possessing a weak disposition.

With wintering just over the horizon and any prospect of paying performance contracts gone to dust, Mr. Gil would sell water to the Silver Sea and death to the grave if it meant ensuring a future for those entrusted in his care. Most folk speculate he was born into wealth and privilege considering all he knows about the inner workings of quadrant governance. But only one person knows for sure – and to Mr. Gil’s heartache, she died birthing their beloved S__.

Not one to turn his back on a fellow survivor of this dying world, whether Q4 or Q9, if your past is dark as pitch and you’re seeking refuge, Mr. Gil is in the business of extending a hand, long as you’re willing to work and share in the load. We’ve all got history — not a one of us is without blemish.