31 Day Challenge: Day 7

What: Day 7 of 31 sharing from CODAL (acronym), my 400 page YA fantasy with black female protagonist and diverse characters set in a futuristic world that feels very deep south southern gothic. (Yep, still repeating it until the nerves are no more).

Why: This is me taking active, actionable steps towards the vision God has for my life.

Today’s reflection: I’m actually enjoying this process. Plunging the depths of my story and discovering nuances I hadn’t seen before is quite the ride.

Day 7 – Meet Jameson F_____
Jameson, Jameson, Jameson… what can I say? When writing, characters may take on characteristics of their creator, becoming living embodiments of the mind that breathed them into existence. Outside of my beloved S__ S________, Jameson F_____ is most like the darker parts of my personality, the parts that very few people know exist — the parts I hide from the world.

Jameson F_____ has a knack for noticing the bits and bobs that call the darkness home, Jameson is an outcast amongst even the downtrodden and enslaved. With a mother that would just as soon sell him to the first woman to show interest, he’s yet to find his place in society — whether it be the haves or have nots. You’d think having your wings clipped at an early age would affect him adversely – and it has, but not in the ways one might think.

Curious as he is wickedly perceptive, Jameson’s got a wry sense of humor and an eye for overlooked details. Though his mother holds the throne’s ear, Jameson himself enjoys and unsteady alliance with the first son, tightroping the line between inclusion and repulsion. His only means of survival is choking back the nightmares and visions he has, giving off airs that he’s as normal as most Q9 citizens. If he sullies his mother’s good (relatively speaking) name, the family name is ruined.

He fits nowhere and with no one, including himself. That is, until he stumbles upon a strange girl he’s certain to have interacted with before. If he were a gambling man, he’d bet silvers and gold he’s seen her standing there just as she is now… hands aglow with death and the grave nipping at her heels.