About Dede

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TThe beginning. #Nicaragua #VHMNica #missionshanks so much for checking out my site. Here’s a little about me – and you, because what’s a writer without her beloved reader?

I’m all about BIG: big hair, big personality, big books with big stakes. I live in Georgia (GO DAWGS! SIC ‘EM!) with my husband and our two small children. I write YA Fantasy featuring diverse characters with big problems so my big-haired babies know the sky’s the limit in regard to their (big) dreams. In my spare time I like to cook, travel, and torture torment my characters.

Now enough about me — let’s talk about YOU! If you love:
  • heroes struggling to do what’s right against overwhelming odds
  • that chill that wraps around your spine as you gaze into the night sky
  • … stories where the hero’s weakness is the only thing he’s left holding
  • … secretly cheering for the bad guy while also rooting for the heroine/ hero
  •  stories where the line between right and wrong is transparent

Then you and I are in for quite the adventure. Welcome to my world of YA fantasy mixed with a tinge of southern gothic.