So the hair… it’s big. I mean really big.

– Thank you.

I mean really, really big.

– Thanks so much for noticing.

Do people ask to touch it.

– All the time.

Do you let them?

– On occasion.

Can I touch it?

– This is not that occasion.

But you’re a Georgia girl. Where’s your southern hospitality?

– I’m Creole and Nigerian. You never touch a southern woman’s hair or invoke the spirit of hospitality. 

I’m sorry. I… do you know how to make sweet tea? And fried chicken? And biscuits? And –

– Are you hungry?

If I say yes will that make it weird? This is just… okay. You’re a finance/ accounting junkie. How’d you find yourself writing a book?

– I’ve always been a writer. I wrote my first “self-published” book in middle school; a NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) fan-fiction. 

Oh. So, the new NKOTB or —

The first iteration.

Exactly how old are you?

– Old enough to know better, young enough to enjoy it.

Do you have a writing process?

– I do a great deal of free writing and note taking before I ever hit page 1. Once a character gives me glimpses of their world, their daily struggles, and the one thing they’re fighting tooth and nail to accomplish I know I’m hooked. I dream-storm/ brainstorm/ wash-dishes-and-clean-the-house-storm and get all my pre-notes in order. Then comes the initial draft where everything comes to life. After that I’m editing, rewriting, editing, and rewriting some more.

What’s your goal with writing?

– I’d love to become a career writer. You know, let writing make an honest woman out of me. 

Honest woman?

You’ll get the joke later. Next question.

Now what about your degree in Finance? I thought you were a numbers, spreadsheet, pivot table person.

– You’ve been checking on me?

It’s called research.

– No. It’s called creepy. And I’m kind of digging it. My love for words and numbers and balance sheets is as deep as my love for God, old skool hip-hop, alt-rock, ambient music, and cathead biscuits

What’s your favorite color?

– All black errything. 

Favorite author?

– My favorite dead guys are Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. Favorite living – toss up between Laura Ruby and Jeffrey Overstreet.

Seriously? Shakespeare and Dickens? The stuff I had to read Cliffs Notes versions of just to understand? You’re some twisted sort, aren’t you?

– Do you throw tantrums during all your interviews?

Sigh. I’m sorry. I haven’t had lunch and I missed breakfast, and… okay. Sorry. Favorite food?

– All of it. I’m an equal opportunity consumer.

I think I love you.

– My husband will be glad to know I have a fan.