12yo space criminal must complete a year at military school w/o getting in trouble. But with dagger-wielding beauty queens, stolen spaceships, missing students, and shrinking machines, Starsword Academy won't make it easy. STARFLEET ACADEMY meets ARTEMIS FOWL. #pitmad #mg #scifi

Tesla's father betrayed the crown. Daxton will one day wear it. Together they must defeat a hidden terrorist whose identity will shock the galaxy. Dark, gritty cyberpunk with giant robot cage fights. LEGEND SERIES meets THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. #pitmad #ya #scifi

What?!?! That Nic Stone is something else. Couldn’t be more thrilled for you, friend. This is only the beginning.

Nic "What the freak, Bro?" Stone 🦄🧜🏾‍♀️@getnicced


Just ordered my 2018 Powersheets from @Cultivate_Shop! Let the 2018 planning begin!

When magic utters its name in the MIDDLE of book edits you whip out the thesaurus for ANY other word. Go home magic. You're drunk.

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